Brief history of Glazit

Proprietor of Glazit, Mark Carpenter, moved straight into the trade of, Carpentry and Joinery, as an apprentice with Wilson Hart, Rockhampton after finishing school in 1975.  Some of the training included in glass and aluminum joinery and installation. After finishing the trade, Mark looked to further his experience in the glass industry. The idea of staying in a factory never impressed Mark very much, because he enjoyed, creative practical art, the outdoors, and mixing with people.

Marks great uncle Mr Joe Moss (who was born in Rockhampton, and was one of the early Lakes Creek School students, and whose father worked at the Lakes Creek Meat Works) had at that time his own large leadlighting business in Toowoomba.  Mark was always impressed with the beauty of leadlights, so the quest to further his knowledge in that area of glass work began.  There was no thought of ever starting a business, even though business was a way of life for him.  Mark’s parents were in business at Hire Trestles in Park Avenue.  When the opportunity arose to attend a leadlighting workshop in Rockhampton, Mark grabbed the opportunity and enjoyed the experience so much he knew he wanted to make leadlights for the rest of his life, and if you’re a leadlighter you will understand that, its addictive. There was a real need throughout Central Queensland for a leadlight production and repair service.

The start

Receiving encouragement from workmates, family and friends, in May 1981 Mark gave up the secure job he had, to start out in business. Starting a business was so much less complex in the early eighties.  Getting supplies was difficult, and expensive, and transporting glass was always risky.   There was only one person leadlighting  part time in Rockhampton, and he didn’t sell supplies.  All supplies had to come from Brisbane, which is still the case for Mark, but not for the hobbiest, because he supplies the materials and tools through Glazit.

Little was known about starting a business but good advice was given, and knowledge had to be gained quickly to survive.  Mark placed a small add in the local paper promoting repairs and manufacture of leadlights, and the work started pouring in.  The business grew, and a reputation of, a good job for a low price, was established.  Working under the name of Marks Glass and Leadlights, Mark worked from underneath his rented home in  Bowen Terrace Rockhampton, until he built a home in 1983 at 351 Hinds Street Koongal, and moved the glass studio to that address. The Business name was changed  Glazit, in 1995.  The reason for the change was to take Mark’s name out of the business and provide an easy to remember single name, and prepare for expansion.  It was like starting again, but Mark’s reputation for a quality service remained and continues to grow.

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